Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hello everyone! This post will be about details of some events :)

Sunrise over mountainsParents' Appreciation Dinner

Tentative Date: Friday, July 13 (Confirmed by Mr. Hiap) 
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Mount FujiVenue: Learning Oasis I

Clapper boardMs. Nicole Wong - Group Videos x 3 and Overall Video
Compiled video of all groups - 18 Jun

Daniel / Denzel
Jieyi / Ian
Deepika / Wei Chern
Open bookMs. Choo Mui Luan - Presenters

1st draft - 18 Jun
Kenneth / Chio Jia Le
Lini / Brandon Ng
Iffah / Carven
Black diamond (cards)Lam - Photobook

All photos to be transferred to Mr. Lam / shared via Picasa or Dropbox
Kai Xuan / Chang Han
Jia qi / Cassandra / man jun Jie

HeadphoneMr. Patrick Hiap - Hospitality & Catering 

Kristin - kristinchai@hotmail.com
Jie Yi - Nahjieyi@gmail.com

Please note that all students have to: 
i) share all their photos with Mr. Lam either by: Picasa or Dropbox by Friday, 8 June.

ii) select their 2 photos and email to Mr. Lam - 1st photo to include student's face with a quote / motto, 2nd photo or photos can be a selection of their favourite part of the trip (limited to 5. Mr. Lam has the discretion to select how to place the 2nd photo / photos).

The purpose for the above photos will be selected for the photobook. Any questions can be directed to Mr Hiap or the teacher IC or the particular segment.